A Year of Learning

Heather Martin

Amidst a barrage of terrible news about tech layoffs, market crashes, and AI takeovers, the new year seemed like a good time to invest in some learning and distractio- I mean, self improvement. My sights were initially set on individual online classes to learn new programs and techniques, but I was eventually lured in by Schoolism’s $100 off their annual pass and variety of classes.

My initiation to the world of gouache was courtesy of Schoolism - Specifically, Nathan Fowke’s Course Landscape Sketching in Watercolor and Gouache that I took in December 2016. I vividly recall watching it while simultaneously creating game assets for my day job, then eagerly attempting the lessons at home. Nathan Fowkes with his serene Bob Ross-like demeanor, is an excellent teacher and that class alone is worth it. Don't judge his class by the quality of my painting lol.

Since then, Schoolism's roster has grown incredibly, and even the full price is a complete steal. You can learn at your own pace from so many of the top industry professionals, which is so important for everyone's busy schedules. I swear I’m not paid to say this and it’s not meant to be an ad. Classes I’m most excited about trying range from the Introduction to Blender by Sonja Christoph, Sculpting with Adrea Blasich, learning Procreate with Nikolai Lockersten, 901 Indigo Bleu with Thomas Fluharty, and more. There’s a solid mix of traditional and digital, so my plan is to alternate between them throughout the year.

Now, why am I sharing all of this? Because I just love to brag! Just kidding, I actually would love company, and have resurrected my old discord server so that we can learn together and share our creations. Contact me for an invite. Learning is more enjoyable with others, and since this is a self-paced endeavor, creating a shared learning space felt like a fantastic idea.

But Heather, don’t you already know a lot of this stuff after working in the gaming industry for a decade and then doing fine art for several years after? Yes, I know my way around SOME digital programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, but many of the programs are brand new to me, mostly the 3d ones. Additionally, I also believe we can improve in countless ways, and that there is something to valuable to learn from EVERYONE. I'm here to learn, share, and offer assistance within the group if possible.

At the moment I have no grand plans or lofty goals. I’m not striving to build a massive portfolio for a AAA game studio, or to jump into the fiercely competitive entertainment industry. My goal is to just learn, play, and grow. Consider joining us on this journey! We are kicking off with the Introduction to Blender class this week, but feel free to explore other classes if Blender isn't your cup of tea. There are no rigid rules in this group, just an open invitation to be among fellow artists all hungry to learn and share.

BONUS LEARNING: I am also firing up Duolingo again and wow has that app made huge improvements! Currently on the Spanish course and learning SO much. Find me there, my username is Heatherihn . 

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